06 October 2013

race of gentlemen - 2013

For the second year the Oilers out in New Jersey have pulled off,
or are pulling off one of the coolest hot rod events on the planet.
Reason enough to rip off these photos!
race of gentlemen - 2013 - wildwood nj

Somehow these old cars and bikes are allowed to actually race,
at speed,
down a strip of beach.
No guardrails, no overbearing security,
just a little common sense.
race of gentlemen - 2013

I'm not sure the speeds they're reaching,
but it doesn't really matter.
This is good old fashioned 1/8 mile side by side racing.
Whoever is in front wins.
Can you believe that?
Unreal in this day and age!
"steal your face"  roadster

It's funny cause only the best events - bonneville, ROG, pendine -
would entice the owners of old hot rod steel
to bathe their cars in the salt.
race of gentlemen - 2013

Here's a good link where I ripped these pictures.
Tons more shots if you flip through this HAMB post.

vent Coverage The Race of Gentlemen, 2nd Annual 2013 - Page 39 - THE H.A.M.B.
And if you read this before 2 Eastern time,
the ROG website is supposed to have a live stream of the racing.

Welcome to The Race Of Gentlemen 2013 Presented by Oilers Car Club

race of gentlemen - 2013

Thanks to the unmentioned that took these shots!


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