02 October 2013

perich toy shop - 1989

I found a couple boxes of pictures the other day,
and man did it bring back some memories.
Now that I've figured out how to use our scanner,
you guys are gonna get all kindsa throwbacks from the predigital age!
uncle steve's garage - 1989

This one will be a quickee,
but it is chock full of goodies.
Take a breather and gather it all in.
This is my Uncle Steve's garage around 1989.
Yeah I still call him Uncle Steve even though I'm in my 40's!
Here we've got my old '64 VW baja bug,
an early cut down not a fiberglass kit.
Than there is the most perfect '30/31 ford coupe project.
Check out the gasser chromed front axle.
Wonder if that's on the road now?
Last but not least is the stripped down shovelhead.
That was a family friends bagger bike,
that turned into a cool semi-chopper,
then ended up as a pile of melted steel and aluminum.
I'll tell that story when I find the better picture!

Anyway expect some periodic blasts from the past!


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