29 October 2013

no excuse

After almost 6 months a bummer event shrouded by rain
has finally coerced me into making space in the garage for 2 cars.
1940 ford coupe

The first couple days parked in the alley spot I had a bit of concern.
Then the week went by,
and a month later that changed more to guilt.
Waking up from wet foggy nights that left the 70+ year old steel covered in dew,
just leaves that "WTF I should know better" feeling.
With no windows I am thankful it wasn't tampered with,
I've got too much trust in the local hood rats.
1940 ford coupe - moonshiner

So what is this bummer event you wonder.
If I could blame it on an old neighbor lady or maybe the trash truck,
it would be so much better.
I'll admit that I ran into my own car.
holey chit

Here it goes.
I was unloading the van,
and swiped the fender on the way out.
Simple as that.
Jakob was in the car,
and we saw the 40 shake back and forth.
He's observed many of my dumba$$ moves.
Like he knows now not to use a torch to burn the weeds...
dent of shame

The new dent was a sign that maybe I've got to slow down.
On the good side,
this 40 looks way better in these little pictures than it does up close.
The body is really nice,
but the fenders are full of bumps and bruises from the old hot rod days in Perris.
No it's not an excuse,
I'm just trying to shed a little light on this darkness!
stool time

Over the weekend I had to take care of it.
At least smooth it out a little.

The majority of the bowl popped right out,
using only a simple rounded rubber mallet.
As usual the surrounding circle had multiple mini craters.
A little hammer and dollying and it was a little better.

Over 7 years ago I sprayed the car with a case of rattlecan green,
right over the 60's metallic lime green.
If you look closely I barely sanded the surface,
whatever I couldn't do to save that old paint.
It's so cool to see the actual history of the car.
A friend Detonator Dave calls this "auto-archeology".

I was running out of time,
and without removing the front wheel,
there was no way to get good hammer access.
Good excuse for a hack job!
I'll have to sand this to bare steel,
and get at it with the shrinking disk and more hammerwork later.
flat black

This is where I really screwed up.
I rarely use masking tape when spraying rattlecan.
The one time I do,
and the tape rips off the original paint,
leaving a ring of bare steel.
Effin A!
stool time

At this point I couldn't be late.
A quick sand and spray,
and the car was wedged in as far as possible.
1940 ford coupe coop

I wish I'd taken the earlier garage shot,
when the rear 2' of the green 40 was sticking out of the garage door.
It did rain that evening!
1940 ford coupes

Now both 40's are where they belong,
under a proper cover.
I'll probably swap the RPU to the garage as it is shorter.
There is basically no room with two full fendered cars.

Anyway always something fun going on...


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