11 October 2013

resistance is futile

Mark this day on your calendar,
as after over 3 years,
my battle,
my resistance to change,
has finally come to an end.
awesome LG ally

We've had some good times together,
but this past year there's been some unexpected shut downs,
some keyboard glitches - llllllllliiiiiiiikkkkkkkkeeeee thhhhhhhiiiiisss,
the memory is so full I delete pics and messages to keep it working,
and the battery barely lasts the day.
Not to mention I can't do this blog thing on the old phone.
cracked iphone 4

With the price of a new smart phone in the $300 range,
I was going to follow my typical ways.
We had the wife's old cracked iphone 4 lying around.
The glass could be fixed for $55,
and activated online - cheap and easy.

The wife had been threatening to surprise me with a phone,
as she had been offering one as father's day/birthday(x2) gift
since the upgrade notice in April of 2012.
Hey I told you there was a resistance to change!
green iphone 5s

In a rare moment of weakness,
I fell for the barrage of ads about a $50 Iphone 5c,
a special at the local Radio Shack.
Of course this is a trick,
as they tax you on the full original $600 value,
we got talked into an applecare insurance program,
(supposed to be better and cheaper than the Verizon insurance)
and of course she wouldn't let me not have a fat case.
Probably a good thing as I've already dropped it 2 times.
How'd she know?
messed up otter box iphone 5c

First off here's my complaints.
The cases for the Iphone 5 don't fit well on a 5c.
The plastic housing is round and smooth,
and the buttons aren't flush like the 5 and the 5s.
If you look at the picture the rubber flares out by the volume.
Really it's not a big deal but for the price I'll bitch a little.
It has survived a couple drops out of my shirt pocket...
picture transfer using droid/bluetooth/mac mini

The second complaint concerns my loyal readers.
You guys are thinking "finally he'll take some clear crisp HD pictures!"
The old droid has a very primitive camera and flash,
but it has a Bluetooth capability to send a batch of pictures directly to our computer.
Why doesn't apple have this feature?
The phone is twice as fast as our 2007 mac mini.
I've gotten used to taking a dozen pictures and sending them while typing.
Now there is either an icloud thing I need to figure out,
or send pictures to my email and do a double download.

So guess what?
The old LG Ally may still serve a purpose.
It can still take lackluster pictures and send them through the air,
at least for dirty progress shots.
iphone 5c

Enough of the whining.
The new phone works so smoothly.
After 2 days I'm happy with the 5c.
The 5s is faster but has features I don't need,
and the Samsung S4 was way too big,
although the camera seemed really cool.
Not worth spending another $200+ on either.
anyone need a charger?

And lastly,
the wife has dialed in the iphone to all kinds of fun and games.
Now I need to keep myself from becoming addicted to INSTAGRAM.
If you're bored or addicted too,
search    Instagram  or "perichbrothers"


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