01 October 2013


San Diego has a way of chewing people up,
and depending on their luck,
spit them out on the curb,
or poop them into a golden chalice.
Matt Schreiber & Travis Perich 

After 12 years in so-cal,
my good friend Matt and family are packing it up and heading east,
back to their roots to a tiny town in Maine.
It will be interesting to hear their culture shock
moving from a city of 1.3 million to a town of 9,000.
Not to mention something called snow in the winter!
zombie movers

We've definitely had some good times.
Matt was my main navigator for many of the first (reliable) Chief road trips,
- paso robles, viva las vegas, river city reliability run, asphalt invitational...
We dominated poker for a while, had some serious kayak sessions,
learned that I can drink longer (but not more!)
Anyway many good memories.

One of the bigger bummers is the kids.
We both had girls around the same time,
and while they don't see each other often,
they're instant buddies when they do.
At least they can fly her out for vacations,
and especially the other way around!


I saw more of them over the weekend than in the past year.
Typical San Diego style.
Somehow they were able to pack all their junk into only 12' of this trailer.
All those hours of Tetris paid off.

macey and caelen

They're probably an hour away from their long road trip east,
and I'm really hoping his old diesel mercedes makes it the 3000+ miles!
Have fun guys we'll miss you!

TP & family

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