04 October 2013

rattlecan rebuild

I'm sure you've all been wondering
about that F100 I tore apart back in August.
Well alot has happened since then,
and only a portion of it on the old truck.
Ford FE 360

At this point,
I didn't realize that working on cars was illegal in san diego.
According to Code Compliance,
it is on par with using your garage for storage.
Although it is a low priority,
if you have prick neighbors that like to call the police,
than it is a sad truth to be forced to conform.
Looking back,
I do admit this was for a friend,
so I was pushing my limits!

Regardless it was time to get this thing going.
The engine was torn down,
and the diagnosis was a dead cylinder,
and an extremely tired timing chain.
worn timing chain/gear

This was the bummer of this project.
It started as an easy leak fix,
but as usual snowballed into a puzzle.

Before ripping the engine out,
I had performed a basic tune-up,
or at least tried.
The timing was set at almost 30 degrees,
and it would not run when set anywhere else.
(usually 7 or so)
You could feel the slip when turning the crank over.

Another problem was a light smoke coming out of the exhaust.
Most likely from this dead cylinder!
motor machine - FE cylinder head

At this stage,
it took way too long to hash out a plan,
as money was an issue.
The heads were totally redone at Motor Machine in National City,
all new valves and hardened seats.
They could have rebuilt the engine for a decent deal,
but the short block wasn't too bad.
The bearing tolerances were ok,
and there was barely a ridge in the cylinders.
FE short block

After a week of hemming and hawing,
the decision was made to gamble and slap the engine back together.
Ford FE 360

These FE blocks have an interesting design.
The intake manifold is also the top half of the cylinder head,
or at least the flange where the valve covers seal.
To remove the 100+ lb. intake,
the pushrods and rockers need to be removed.
Ford FE 360

The outside looks a little dirty,
but the inside is really clean!
At this point I was a little paranoid,
as the neighbors seemed to be spying on my every move!
Strange feeling like it is wrong to put together an engine in a garage.
ford FE 360 long block

With everything buttoned up,
Andy and I hauled the engine and parts to the truck,
now nestled in a work spot at a friends shop.
Thanks Tom!
Andy's A-OK

We gave it the boat treatment,
and painted the whole thing old Ford Blue.
A true rattlecan rebuild!
Ford Blue

Now time for the fun part,
figuring out how everything goes back.
1973 ford f100

Stay tuned,
it's farther along than it looks!


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