10 October 2013

Hick Hat™

Howdy y'all here's a little play by play,
the evolution of my new wife proclaimed Hick Hat™.
don't tread on me

How could I pass up the free camo NAPA hat,
after Andy bought his new alternator.
A donation goes to the intrepid fallen heroes fund,
so it's for a good cause.
napa - intrepid fallen heroes fund hat

For some reason I've had a series of camouflage hats since moving down to SD,
even though I was more of a hick when living up in Ventura.
My wife even joked I used to say warter instead of wotter.

This one is the digital camo which I'm not a huge fan of...yet...
but the material is a super light rip-stop,
doesn't get hot in the sun,
and dries fast in the rain.
Both of which have been tested the past couple days even here in SD.
belleville steel toe boots

And get this,
now I have the matching ensemble to these bitchin steel toe boots from Ken.
No not the most stylish and no brand recognition,
but hey - I've worn out Red Wings and Doc Marten's,
and these are the most comfortable boots right out of the box.
No expensive insoles and holey chit are they light.

Ken scored two pair,
and I figured what the heck,
I'll trash the first pair and baby the second.
Well after almost 2 years of torching, grinding, welding, oily bilges,
they're still going strong - ho holes in my socks, rubber sole is like new.
Eff yeah and they're made in USA!
I'm drawing the line at the cut-off camo shorts...

Now time to personalize the cap.
I found a camo Navy Jack patch on ebay,
from a guy almost off the grid near Little Ogeechee Pond in Georgia.
I've always dug the "don't tread on me" ideal,
although I'm more Libertarian in my views.
It seems our dickhead neighbors have released my long lost aggro-ness!
These guys first two albums were on repeat for the black truck rebuild...

Good not-so-old aussie easy listening punk rock!
The Distillers - Oh Serena
spilt blood good luck

We tested a meki iron on trick with the towel,
but no go.
So I tried my hand at a thread and needle.
Not alot of practice and I poked my finger a couple times.
No problem blood is supposed to be good luck!
It's a little crooked and off-center,
but it's a friggin hat!
TJ border flags

What a day and place to christen the modified hat.
Everything went smoothly on our adventure to the TJ dentista!


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