07 October 2013


Still dialing in the green 40.
After a solid week of driving,
there were a couple obvious projects to wrap up.
SBF - 302 ford windsor

I can live with crouching down and shifting on the transmission,
so a shifter is on hold.
One thing that is embarrassing is watching the smokey blow-by
puff out of the air breathers.
Not that there's a trail of white smoke like a comet in the night sky,
it's just an occasional wisp at a stop light.
On a hot day I feel like a gross polluter.
When the hood was on it was a warm bath of oily smoke.

The solution was a simple PCV valve.
This worked wonders on Chief,
totally changing the drivability of the car.
The Autolite carb is already set up with a special vacuum port,
and the car parts store had the necessary hose, grommet and valve,
although the parts guy did have to do some searching.
It's a bit in your face but it works great.
Hopefully it will help keep the inside of the engine cleaner as well.
1940 ford lever shocks

Next on the STD list were some rear shocks.
It was ridiculously bouncy in some areas,
a combination of the balloon tires and the newish spring.
modified ford lever shocks

Since the rear radius rods were "updated" to earlier 1936 style,
the shock holes didn't match up.
We're talking vintage 1940 lever shocks here,
not the new-fangled tube shocks - resto-rod style.

These were on when it was flathead powered,
and they did the job sufficiently.
Instead of drilling 4 new holes,
it was easier to shorten the arms an inch or so.
This changes the leverage probably a little stiffer,
a good thing.
lever shock

A heim joint linkage was rigged up,
and man it's a totally different car.
The back end doesn't bounce around,
and I can take some moderate bumps at speed.

Still haven't taken it on the freeway!


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