01 November 2013


Anyone with a flathead hot rod
knows that one of the top rules of having a happy car is to drive it.
At least once a week.
The metal loves to be warmed up,
bathed in hot oil and grease.
A chance to burn off any water and weak fuel,
and keep the ancient bias plies from becoming square.
chief - 1929 ford roadster pickup - hallock windshield

Lately I've been dragging around so much random junk,
welder, tool boxes, parts crates etc.,
that both the 40 and the RPU have been in hibernation.
Really there's as much abuse in ignoring them as in over-use.
1929 ford roadster pickup

Over the weekend my one chance to have a good highway drive,
and wrrrrr...
the 6-volt didn't have a chance in restarting the cold flooded engine.
It made me wonder about keeping the ancient 6-volt electrical system.
The optima batteries are great,
they kept enough power to turn over the starter - slowly,
but man the solenoid gets hot,
the wires get warm.
Than there's the lights.
So dim they're like candles.

The priority is to start burning some gas,
get the juices flowing and get Chief back in shape.
I will be on the lookout for a 12 volt generator.
If anyone's got one give me a shout!


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