23 September 2013

ju-ju head

What do you all think?
This was given to me at an estate sale.
It was sitting nondescriptly on a brick wall sconce,
overlooking the family's front yard for years.
concrete ju-ju head - "constipated man"

You know I couldn't resist something like this!
perich brothers (and sister): a tiki tale
perich brothers & sister

The kids dug it and man I hope we have enough good ju-ju
to complement its new view,
fending away bad ju-ju people.
welcoming ju-ju head

We missed last years pumpkin olympics,
so there are a couple spots open.
perich brothers (and sister): the great pumpkins
perich brothers (and sister): pumpkin olympics
perich brothers (and sister): zombie pumpkin infestation
Just in time for Halloween...


Well the wife saw it for the first time,
dubbed it "the constipated man"!


  1. G'day Travis,
    Long time reader:-
    Man that Tiki head is the opposite of good karma.
    Just reading your next entry and thinking I'd be burying that head under the neighbors porch.
    Kind Regards

  2. Hey Brett!
    Great to see there are real people reading this!
    Just to clarify,
    that cop thing was about 2 weeks ago,
    and the ju-ju head joined us only a couple days ago.
    So hopefully it'll help us out!
    Thanks a ton for checking in!