21 September 2013

sweat factory and the lucky bucket

You must be thinking,
"what is his infatuation with these smog checks?"
Well I did hint back in June that the van was going to be due...
perich brothers (and sister): sweat factory revisited
so this is worthy of an update!

In following the tradition and superstition,
I had to stick with our lucky smog shop.
even though the charge is double for a van,
and there's got to be a cheaper place out there.

This visit was different from all the others.
I was one day ahead of the due date,
and absolutely no preventive tuning was done at all,
other than a couple mile drive to warm everything up.
Typically I'd do an oil change, open the hood, check tire pressure etc.
After a long week it was time to gamble.
The only thing I added was a lucky bucket on the bumper.

Well the van passed with flying numbers.
It is actually below average on almost every reading.
For a free van we may get another 2 years out of it!

Since I've kept every smog check,
I was able to do some statistical analysis.
2009 - 191376 miles
2011 - 203113 miles
2013 - 209589 miles

That's a total of 18313 miles in 4 years,
and only 6476 in the past 2 years!
Really averaging 13 MPG the least miles the better!

After a hard life of almost 24K miles per year since 2001,
this van's got the cush retirement it deserves.
This is its greener pastures.

lucky bucket

Now what to do about the bucket.
Since it's been on,
the van's passed smog,
I've learned to deal with the crappiest neighbors ever,
a new shop location has opened up,
and the wife's been offered a kickass new job.
Looks like that bucket isn't going anywhere!


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