11 September 2013

cheapskaters CC meets fiesta de Kustom Kulture

You'd think I'd be car showed out after the Labor Day Weekend up north,
and yeah I was.
fiesta de kustom kulture - side show - 2013

It would have been a shame to not make it to a local car show nearby,
the Fiesta de Kustom Kulture down in old town.
dutchman motorbikes

The day before I had welded up some business card stands for a friend,
which gave a little momentum to go.
A plan was texted up with a couple car friends.
cheapskaters  CC

We rallied up late morning to get there,
and totally cheaped out and found sweet parking next to the show.
Hey at $105 for 3 cars it was an easy choice,
actually it was 4 to 1 vote.
I could either get that tranny fluid or get stuck at a show til 6pm!
fiesta de Kustom Kulture - 2013

In a funny chain of events,
instead of checking out the show,
we bee-lined to a $2.99 breakfast special at O'Hungry's!
What the heck this was a free meal now that we were $30 richer...
Brandon even treated himself to a 10 am yard of beer!
cheapskaters CC - O'hungry's old town SD

The show had some good cars.
This 39 or 40 mercury was my top pick.
1939 or 1940 chopped mercury

Considering all the custom work that was done,
there was not a flaw on it.
1940 mercury

This 51 ford has been around a while,
and was another really clean custom.
1951 ford

For a fun drive this 49 or 50 ford would be a kick in the pants.
1949 or 1950 ford

While shiny cars are fun to look at,
they would be nerve-wracking to own.
This '56 studebaker pickup looked like a fun work truck.
1956 studebaker truck

This guy had every modification done on his stingray.
If you look closely there's actually an air-powered hydraulic system.
The spring would bump up the front end.
ultimate schwinn lowrider

This was the perfect wife car.
A ford galaxy 4-door with the original 6-cylinder.
Heck I'd drive this thing.
ford galaxy

This was a good San Diego event,
but seemed geared toward a tourist crowd.
Hard to compare with the blow-out Ventura Nationals the week before.
Within an hour of walking around,
our temporary Cheapskaters Car Club was drinking beers in the dive bar.

I was ready to get to work on the green 40 by noon,
at this time it was still stuck in the side lot,
so parking on the side street was a good idea.


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