27 September 2013

transformation of the pat lash roadster

One of the guys I was really bummed not to be able to meet up with
on the venture north was an old friend Pat Lash.
It's been a couple years since I've seen him,
but it's been at least 5 years since I've seen his roadster and other projects.
Pat Lash & friends

Here's the early version of the contraption that he built.
Super channeled,  inline-6 engine,  hallock style windshield...
One of the first bare metal super slammed hot rods of this current era,
the San Jose style.
pat lash roadster - 2007 - last antique nationals - palmdale

Here's a good comparison shot.
The Red Dot II was channeled but super high compared to his.
Same body style, totally different car.
Red Dot II - 29 ford roadster w/ Hallock windshield

What the heck.
I'm gonna throw more pictures in here,
as this was a fun time.
This was the last Antique Nationals in Palmdale - 2007.
Pat brought his silver bullet down,
and Luke/Pigpen and I had the old Red Dot II and Chief.
Good times...
You can see my tendency for hot rods that can also go off-roading!
Chief - 1929 roadster pickup with hallock windshield

Here's another cool shot.
This is the last Asphalt Invitational 2007 up in San Jose.
We've got Pat's roadster, Sloppy's RPU, Red Dot II, and the June Bug 40.
More good times...
Asphalt Invitational - 2007

Pat's attention to detail is most likely the reason he doesn't have a hot rod shop.
He really should.
The problem is finding someone who could afford all the hours he invests.
He has no ability to half-a$$ and cut corners!
Pat Lash Roadster

Everyone loved the earlier version of his roadster,
a big spread in the Rodder's Journal.
I remember when I first met him,
he would say how he wanted to un-channel it.
After all the work he put in,
I thought he was crazy.
Might as well build another car!
track nose

If you study this picture,
you'll see the relocation scar of the side steer mount,
at least 4 inches higher now.
What an awesome start to that track nose!

The amount of modification he's done is ridiculous.
Before the rear of the engine was cut into the top of the cowl.
Now it looks like that's all patched up,
with a new firewall and this bitchin relief bubble.
nicson - chevy 6

Even with all this insane aluminum work,
I bet Pat's most excited about that rubber radiator hose.
Now that the engine is even with the cowl,
he was able to remove his old hood ornament!

Looking at these pictures I'm super bummed to have missed seeing this in person.
Check out the little latches and fan surround.

Here's some cool progress shots.
Each piece hammered or rolled,
than welded and blended.
He's probably still using his ancient Linde Tig machine.
The street lights flicker when he turns that thing on!

These are early shots before the hood bubble.
I'm guessing the intake or carbs were removed at this point.

Here's the most recent shots.
It is the exact opposite of my hacked hood I threw on in one night!

They took it up to Billetproof last week,
and I'm curious how much it's changed on the road.
He's had no floors this whole time,
and I know that it's a much warmer drive even with a partial hood,
especially with a belly-pan.
Dang it check out that belly-pan!
pat lash roadster - 2013

I'm sure he's got a modified windshield plan,
and maybe some dark green paint.
I gotta get up there!
Thanks for the pics Sharon & Pat!


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