20 September 2013


I've been realizing lately that I'm in the wrong business,
if that business is making money anyway.

It's been a learning experience watching a gearhead newbie at work.
There's an alchemical process -
slap a chinagirl kit on an expensive beach cruiser,
throw on a couple stickers and bolt-on upgrades,
and holey chit find people who eat it up for the big bucks.
I have admitted to him time and time again,
that driving around slinging at shows to me is more work than cutting and pasting.

I'm happy to be that little sparrow that picks up the scraps.
Here's a fun project that he thought was easy.
double scarf joint

Fortunately he didn't cut it before he brought it over.
A double scarf joint (?) seemed better than a straight cut.
This was easier than trimming to the clamp tube and rewelding it,
even though the outcome shows an obvious scar.

The end result was straight and hopefully strong.

This one will be up on the website for an exorbitant amount of money...
Dutchman Motorbikes


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