09 September 2013

ventura wrap up

Now for the wrap up to this extended Ventura excursion.
Hey I gotta do something with all these pictures!
Here's the ending - Part IV
noble fabrication

With Sloppy's brakes finally working,
it was time to hit the road...
after visiting the open house party at a friends shop...
ventura highway

Driving around Ventura in the hot rod was surreal.
Some of you may not know this,
but we had lived up here almost 15 years.
This is where I met my wife and started breeding!

Chief hadn't been "home" in over 5 years.
This little shop is where the magic happened.
chief at home

The truck and a couple other hot rods
were built in and outside this building around the turn of the century.
For 8 years we barely survived at this location.
Imagine having a shop next door to a city councilman turned mayor!
This was crazy town as most of the action was at night.
Many good times and good friends made here.
travis perich - ventura 2013

I thought the slumlord had really cleaned up the place,
but it was actually the tireless work of the new renters.
This was a gas station in the 20's,
built next to an indian burial ground.
There was some strange mojo here,
and the new flower store is perfect to revitalize the space.
ventura avenue

The city tried to redevelop the downtown area,
with definite hit and miss results.
Out of town investors would see Ventura as part of Los Angeles,
and it would bite them in the a$$.
One of the things I loved about it here,
you could dress it up but it was still a working neighborhood.
the players club - RIP

Matt's place was party central for the day.
His compound, family and business are growing fast.
A really cool location too.
noble fabrication - 2013

There's no faster way to clear out a party,
than with the ultimate burnout.
This guy rolled out in a '51 ford crown vic with a nasty SBF,
and did a block long double tire burnout.
ultimate burnout

As usual guys run out into the dank rubber smoke.
Holey Chit.
It seriously gave me goosebumps.
holey chit

That's the problem going to car shows,
you go home wanting to build wacky chit like this!
kade gates - wheelie master

Not to be outdone,
Kade got out his big Harley and was doing his trademark wheelies and donuts.
I had no idea people did this kinda stuff,
let alone a friends kid I've known since he was in elementary school!

As the sun started to set,
I got a chance to talk with Holly and Aaron a bit.
She was the mastermind behind the Ventura Nationals car show.
If anyone could predict the future 7 or so years ago,
I doubt this would have been it!
All I can say is she better have her own car next year...
main street ventura

One last pass through main street...

Put the volume down for this,
some horrible sound.
Now I know why my ears are blown jeez!
palm trees

It was getting late and Sloppy and I had planned on leaving by sunset,
but I had to see Danny and Lucy's new hot rod first.
Nothing like a couple greasy friends visiting a fresh new baby!
Funny thing is Danny was getting ready to test out his buddy's Chevelle,
at 10 pm on a sunday evening!
Now this is a family I can relate too!
Congratulations on your little Camilo!
Ambriz baby #1 - 2013

We chose to cruise the 1 highway along the coast,
and man talk about a sketchy ride.
No street lights, 6-volt headlights and 2 nights of 4-5 hour sleep,
with speeding oncoming traffic on one side,
and the ocean cliff on the other.
Let's say it was an adventure to get past Malibu.
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I was on serious mellow mode until 60+- miles out of San Diego,
then snapped out of it and blasted all the way home.
The perfect end to a great weekend.

The next morning I wondered how some keep there cars so clean.
I think it looked like this in the show too.
Oh well.
Surprisingly enough there was still 2-3 gallons in the tank,
that's roughly 22 gallons for over 400 miles!


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