17 September 2013

liar's club #1940 - monumental structure

When the green 40 was under the knife,
the garage door wouldn't shut with the bumper installed.
This wasn't a problem,
because when I had tried to tow it last year,
the passenger bumper mounts had totally ripped out.
beater 1940 ford coupe

With no recent luck finding a replacement set,
I considered making some kind of temporary bracket.
Lo and behold I bolted up the tweaked spring steel mounts,
and the bumper was only slightly tilted.
Enough to live with til a better set is found.

Time for a "Liar's Club"...
One of the fun things about being able to weld,
is whipping out random structures.
As long as there is enough metal scrap lying around,
it is possible to quickly create a solution to a problem.
Of course it may not be the most ornate work,
but that is what flat black paint is for.
We call this "temporary permanent",
as it will usually be there forever.
guess what it is yet?

Here's a hint...

Over 6 years ago the sheetmetal was coated with a case of rattlecan green.
It's taken a while,
but the paint finally has a true patina finish.
The kids make it even more authentic since this is the bike and trash wagon path.
Which is another reason for this little monument.
1940 ford custom license plate mount

Ok if you haven't guessed yet,
it was a simple over-thought license plate mount.
Strong enough to be difficult to pull a snatch-and-grab,
and angled to not flutter at highway speeds.
I'd prefer to not have the front license plate in a place so glaring,
but now there's no excuse for any parking enforcement tickets.
Looks like the June Bug may be kicked out on the street!


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