14 September 2013

breezer goes to humboldt

A couple days ago I got the chance to pull off a whirlwind trip to Humboldt County.
It ended up being cut short,
but I still made an effort for an epically brief bike ride.
Hammond Trail Bridge

McKinleyville is a really peaceful rural part of urban Humboldt,
and the Hammond Trail crosses over the Mad River,
using this transformed steel bridge.
Mad River - Mckinleyville

There was a good flow of water for September,
especially when used to so-cal rivers that dry up in the summer.
The air was so fresh and sweet smelling.

Maybe it was all the cows!
Mad River - Humboldt County

Too bad they decided to install this chain-link barrier.
Seems like a railing would be the most needed for safety.
The water did seem deep enough in parts to be able to jump off.
Breezer Thunder mtn bike goes to Humboldt

I had rented a little chevy car,
and I'll give the designers props,
as there was the exact width needed to pack in the bike.

I had left SD without the bike,
and after 2 miles decided to turn around and pick it up.
I'm glad I did,
as the kids were checking out the car,
they found the USB port hidden in the center console.
That 1600 mile round trip would have been tough without the IPOD!

I'll do a better post about the trip later on.
Stay tuned!


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