08 September 2013

sloppy sunday

Got to drag the Ventura weekend a bit longer here!
Here's part III...
chief - 1929 ford roadster pickup hot rod

After the show,
Sloppy babied his chopper back to the Motel 6.
Remember he had no brakes on his '69 sportster.
It was really sketchy watching him ride.

The chopper was parked in the room,
and we headed off to KiwiKev's bbq,
of which I've got no pictures...

We could have spent all night boozing it up downtown,
throwing away our last dimes,
but instead decided to drink the last of the cooler beers,
and tear into the chopper.
Better to get an early start and have a parts list,
then get stuck and wish we had started earlier.

An old partner in crime Conrad had sniffed me out,
and we ripped into Sloppy's chopper.
I've known him for almost 20 years,
and we've had countless mechanical adventures.
After moving to SD I hadn't seen him in 5 years.
It was like time hadn't passed.
Comedy night with the three stooges.

By 2 AM the little front drum brake was rebuilt,
and the rear disc brake was in pieces.
Years of sludge had seized up the little pucks.
the three stooges

By 2:45 the beers were depleted,
and likewise any forward progress.
We also were in need of some 0-rings and sandpaper.
chopper caliper

In the morning the project was reassessed.
A dirt track racer family had the room next door,
and they had one of the crucial pieces we needed,
a small strip of emory cloth to hone out the caliper.
I was a little concerned that after our late night wrenching spree,
they wouldn't be able to look us in the eye.
No problem...
Good thing Motel 6 has super loud air conditioners!
parking lot repair

With the rotor hand-honed,
Sloppy and I had the similar just put it back together mentality.
Conrad had a slow hangover start,
and rallied all the way out to his shop to bring a couple 0-ring kits.
4 minutes before the noon checkout,
we rolled the bike out of the room.
1969 harley sportster

The rear brake was mounted up with no luck.
This wasn't a big surprise,
as there was very little pressure when bleeding the brakes earlier.
Time to rip out the master cylinder...
shadetree mechanics

Fortunately Conrad is one of those guys that drives around
with a mobile repair shop in his car.
He tried to trick us into a 7 mile brakeless ride to his shop,
but we had to show him what magic could be done in a parking lot,
What the heck all we needed was the vice he happened to have!
(okay and hex keys and socket set...)
travis - conrad - sophorn

In no time the chopper was back together with working brakes.
We headed out to the Noble Fabrication party,
and guess what...
noble fabrication

Yeah Sloppy couldn't leave well enough alone.
He spent the whole time dialing in the front brake!
holly - travis - sophorn (sloppy)

more later!


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