05 September 2013

a slice of ventura nationals 2013

Okay where were we.
ventura nationals - 2013

Oh yeah...
Chief and I had wrapped up the 200 mile drive up to ventura from san diego.
A little bumpy and slow at times,
and a little too fast at others.
sloppy and his chopper

In a stroke of great planning,
Sloppy (sophorn) had scrounged up a hotel room.
No hunting around for a bedroll spot tonight.
Waking up in a comfortable bed made for a late start.

By the time we rallied to the store for our meal and drink ticket,
it was already past the 9AM entry cutoff.
Yeah that's how we roll...
ventura nationals - power parking

A good friend Monty was manning the gates,
and let us slide in around the short line.
I really didn't know what to expect as the show had been on a decline,
and our friend Holly had taken the reigns.
The place was packed!
We got lucky and eeked past the security gates,
and power parked right up front.
Did the steaming radiator help?

I've got to say that there's a phenomenon about a car show,
that is almost as important as the actual cars themselves.
It's being able to see friends and gearhead people you can relate too,
and a good show like this brings a bunch of us together.
Many I hadn't seen in years.
Writing this I'm kinda bummed to not take people pictures,
it's kinda awkward to do but next time I'm gonna try.

I am okay at taking the 3/4 view at non-moving objects,
so here's a little slice of what was out there.
1955 slammed chevy truck

This one's for you Ken!
Spending so much time on the hurtlocker truck,
I can appreciate a slammed 50's GM pickup.
We noticed that this one had some trick wheel covers,
toning down some way past trendy donk rims.
Should have taken a better look at the suspension setup.
1940 ford deluxe coupe

Out of all the cars in the lot,
I'll gravitate to the ones I can relate too.
This 1940 deluxe reminded me of our coupe,
the radials didn't even bother me.
There was the perfect blend of driver and shine.
I'll do a separate post on this later on when ideas dry up.
1940 ford deluxe coupe

This hot rod caught my eye.
A simple clean model A roadster.
1929 model a roadster with 32 frame

I've never had a hot rod without a flathead engine.
Some day...
This guy wedged in an early cadillac.
I'm surprised how some can keep their cars so clean.
model A roadster

Talk about clean.
This coupe had the shiniest black paint,
and the chromiest nailhead.
chris casny's model a coupe

On the other side of the show was this smoky coupe.
This had a quickchange and a flathead.
Reminded me of one of our earlier hot rods.
1930 model A coupe

Here's a non-ford roadster that caught my eye.
I still don't know exactly what it was,
it looked like an extra large 33 ford.
There was a bunch of metalwork done to make it look like this.
I bet it flies down the freeway.
non-ford roadster

Years ago I watched this sedan delivery progress.
The owner's uncle created the Hilborn Injectors.
Mike's had this thing since the 60's,
and it ran one of the first modified B&M hydramatic transmissions.
Mike Hilborn's 1930 ford sedan delivery

Ojai Rick brought down his swap meet special ford f600.
I remember when he got this it was all stock.
He's upgraded it with newer 4x4 axles and running gear.
Way better than having a new truck!
1953 ford f600

This power wagon was bitchin.
Someone had wedged in a little turbo diesel engine.
Another truck I'll post more pictures later.
dodge dual axle power wagon

I've always like the roundness of thes 50's studebaker trucks.
This guy really slammed his.
1953 studebaker truck

Can't not take a picture of the world's most photogaphed 60's econoline.
I saw this at the GNRS a couple years ago,
and somehow he's kept it as perfect as it was back then.

church's econoline

While standing in line for an overpriced burrito,
this gold 40 pickup was screaming for a picture.
I wonder if this was the same truck featured in the Rodder's Journal.
Super clean and straight.
Thanks Greg for the comida!
gold 1940 ford pickup

There were so many customs with crazy lowrider style paint,
and I only took a picture of this truck.
One of the problems was there were so many people walking around,
my patience for waiting for a clear shot wore out.
beatniks truck

Earlier this summer was Born Free,
and they had a raffle featuring dozens of custom motorcycles.
There were tons of choppers and bobbers,
but this one I am glad to have seen in person.
kiyo's radical cb750 motorcycle

This was built by Kiyo out of a honda cb750.
A work of art disguised as a race/show bike.
Jawa Speedway motorcycle

You'd think I'd take a picture of some more motorcycles,
but there were too many people around.
I escaped over to the Funky Junk Farms trailer area,
and found this early Jawa Speedway motorcycle.
What was I thinking when I gave up my Weslake/Godden.
shankers - chief & chopper

The show was great and bordered on overwhelming,
not in a Goodguys street rod way,
but in a traditional rod and custom way that brought everyone out of there cages,
including me.
It was great to meet up with old friends and acquaintances.
Way to go Holly!
Little did I know this was just the start of the epic Sloppy Sunday...


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