17 October 2012

zombie pumpkin infestation

We have successfully created the ultimate zombie pumpkin.
Unfortunately it is 2 weeks too early.
perich brothers and sister
and zombie pumpkin + offspring

Unbelievably this pumpkin has lasted 51 weeks!
A record I'm sure.
It could have made it to Halloween,
but the rains last week were the last straw.
zombie pumpkin

We are big fans of the "Walking Dead" show,
and this is way more realistic.
One of the things that bugs me about zombie shows,
is they lack the reality of the human anatomy or digestive system.
If these zombies were so bent on eating the living,
then they would also have a steady poop stream.
None of the zombies ever have poop-stained pants!
What gives!
Also there fingers would be ground down to the bone.

As you can see,
this pumpkin has fermented from the bottom up,
like it should.

This would be a good background song for a hack away scene...
holey chit!

What more is there to say,
but so long old friend.
It's been great,
just great.


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