05 February 2013

missing treasure

The other day we were driving up the alley,
and I spied something nobody else would have cared about.
PL alley wall

There on the wall was a piece of the past.
About a year ago,
someone had found it and placed it in this safe spot.
re-enactment of the find

I had driven, walked, biked and skated by this place countless times,
all the while the piece was patiently waiting to be found.

#5 for Oldies Month
The Chi-lites - "have you seen her"
Thanks again Soul Train!

This piece has a special history.
It had broke long ago,
and instead of buying another one,
I decided to braze it up,
even though part of it was missing.

Brazing is a great way to join cast iron.
A good reason to pull out the oxy-acetylene.
fixed ball housing

A little grinding and it was just like new.
Way too much work for a $15 part!
ford part NO 42

This is why this piece wass so important.
The rear end was located using the front pivot ball system,
used from a 1934 ford wishbone.
front to rear pivot ball locater

This system had worked for many years,
but needed to be fiddled with constantly.
During the rebuild I cleaned up the alignment,
and hoped this would take care of things.
custom crossmember

There is a rubber cushion ball that fits over the steel ball,
and it would wear out way too fast.
I even tried using leather which actually worked the longest.
abnormal use of 3M 4200

This last time I chose to use a polyurethane sealant,
which typically is some really strong stuff.
The ball was carefully formed.
custom ball cushion

It seemed to last great until that dang piece fell off!
I had heard a couple things drop out of the car on the early trial runs,
hoping usually a screwdriver or wrench.
That part fell not even a block from the house!
I ended up installing a sheetmetal version that was made for the 1940 models,
what should have been put on there to begin with.
So really that little part is just a trigger to remember all the hassles over the years!

Ultimately the whole system was changed to the vertical ball joint...

perich brothers (and sister): how to - $13 suspension upgrade
vertical ball joint rear end setup

After 10 months but only a couple hundred miles,
it's seems more solid than that worn ball system.
Not as cool looking but at least it's doesn't chatter.


Last but not least,
here's the same song version with a cool little interview.
Red, Squirrel, Marshall & Gene had it goin on back then!


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