01 February 2013

ooh child

It's a bummer to be a renter down here in San Diego,
the kids have grown up without a dog.
Not that our landlord wouldn't allow one,
it's one of those if we had to move things,
so difficult to find a dog friendly place.
macey and the chihuahua

Anyway for now this little thing will have to do.
Funny thing is the neighborhood dogs love to sneak into our yard,
and of course it's me that picks up the poop.
I've resorted to laying out a couple rat traps in the key areas.
It's worked so far,
even snapped a couple times the first night.
pest repellent-pucker and run

Last night we were screwing around on the youtube,
testing the wife's knowledge of oldies songs.
There was no end - she went 10 for 10.
To celebrate,
we're gonna do "oldies month"...

This song was actually done in 1970 - the five stairsteps.
A good tune for this time in our lives.
Dig the getups!
Like what any family does while watching a character movie,
we all picked who we would be in the lineup.
Mine was a toss-up between the south american officers uniform,
or the middle guitarist.

Was it common on Soul Train to play to a backing track?
Not sure how they did that with live vocals and piped in music.
Unless the guitarists didn't need cords.
this second version is really live.
They must have had a blast touring the nation during that time.
I guess the dad played bass!
josef originals begging chihuahua

I'm working on some better posts,
so stay tuned!


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