26 February 2013

Chief's Big 3 Weekend

The Big 3 Car swap meet was this past weekend,
so the previous thursday I got the roadster pickup (chief) dialed in.
hot rod

We took a short drive and other than some briefly square tires,
there were only a few issues.
leaky oil filter

One thing that was a bit of a nuisance was this leaky oil filter.
Over time it went from a couple drops to an all out gusher,
so bad that I had zip tied an oil diaper around the cannister.
dried gasket

Upon inspection the reason was obvious,
the rubber gasket was brittle, cracked and compressed.
Must have been 50 years old.
One of those "I'll get to it later" projects.
replacement gasket

It took about 10 minutes and a scrap of old neoprene to fix that problem.
To celebrate I took out a can of ancient motor oil to top the flathead off.
unocal custom motor oil

Next on the list were the kick plates for the floor.
I had cut them out over 2 years ago,
but never installed them.
tappin holes

A re-thread of the original floorboard holes,
some match-up holes to the kickplates,
and the panels were secure enough for the weekend.
- 15 minutes tops.
So much for the extended night of work.
aluminum floor

The next day (Friday) I packed the van full of swap junk.
You're not a true gearhead unless you have this kinda stuff.
re-enactment of swap meet load

The boys and I dropped off the goods at the spot,
and we made a quick stroll through the rows.
We were home early enough to get a good nights sleep.
The plan was to drive CHIEF out there like last year,
like a show and sell.
perich brothers (and sister): Good Times at the Big 3
Well wouldn't you know it,
somehow I had accidentally flicked a switch thursday night,
and there was no juice.
Both batteries were drained.
My leisurely saturday morning quickly turned
into the frantic failed attempt at jump-starting the rig,
tough to do with the 6-volt system.
double dead optima batteries

By 7:20 I knew it was a bust,
and the gates closed at 8am.
Jakob and I transferred our stuff to the van,
and we were off.
We made it there with 5 minutes to spare.
Rest easy Chief...
probably sunday at the big 3 but pretend it's saturday

The Big 3 swap meet is surreal,
as many sellers renew the same spots every year.
I could swear most were trying to sell the same junk!
It's like yesteryear was yesterday,
even though so much has happened since then.
chromed ford flathead bellhousing

The swap meet was great,
and we were able to trade a bunch of my heavy junk,
for other people's dirty heavy junk.
I'll write more about that later.
chromed ford flathead starter plate

One of the best scores was this bitchin chromed flathead bellhousing.
If you look at Chief's interior shot again,
you'll see this is exactly what is needed between those 2 kick plates.
Super cool.
I'll have to add swapping this out on my long list of STD (sh*t to do).

Bringing the van changed the flow,
or better yet,
bringing the van changed my alcohol flow.
Instead of preparing to drive the hot rod home to swap to the van,
the van was the last refuge.

#17 for oldies month
Ben E King - Stand By Me
I had met up with a couple friends,
(imagine picture here - rotten rodney, lurker mike, marlene)
that introduced me to the joys of straight vodka,
with a slice of orange.
It's a high-class buzz compared to beer!
washing machine fire

After some fun conversationing,
the wife picked up Jakob that night.
The trooper of the day for sure.
Fun kid to hang out with.
Bummed now I didn't take more pics!

I retreated to a comfortable chair and the bonfire.
Mario, Brandon and a couple friends were hell bent
on burning all the firewood.
Let's say 2+AM rolls up pretty quick!
Simpson 260 series 3

I'm tangenting off a bit here,
so to focus back on Chief,
and cut this post a little short...

The next morning I scored this really cool multimeter,
a late 50's Simpson 260 series 3.
Amazingly enough the company still makes an upgraded version.

The Simpson 260 Resource Page - Information - Photographs - Free Manuals
knight auto analyzer  kg-375

Which will supplement the old knight meter I usually use.
simpson 260 series 3 - works!

When I got home sunday,
the batteries were all topped off,
the meter worked,
and Chief was ready to be fired up.

Too bad I ended up passing out!

More on the swap meet next time...


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