02 February 2013


The placement of the fakey ignition module
was making it difficult for me to do something
 as simple as mounting the voltage regulator on the firewall.
symmetrical fake out

With the engine sitting a bit higher than the old flathead,
I had decided to mount the converted regulator box on the
upper part of the firewall.
A place that before I tried to keep clear.
voltage regulator hoarder

A simple 15 minute 3-hole mount became a mini-project,
one reason some things take so long to get done.

To celebrate the 2nd installment of "oldies month",
here's The Persuaders - "A thin line between love and hate".
Maybe it's been a while since hearing this last,
or actually listening to the words,
one creepy mean song!
What do you think she did to him,
torched him with lighter fluid?

This will fit the lovers and haters of this low budget build,
as I did another fakey cover up.
mopar voltage regulator

That mopar alternator uses a newer solid state voltage regulator.
It would have been so easy to just plop it on there.
I even painted it black to see if that would help.
gutted regulator housing

The guts were torn out,
and a hole was cut to fit the new regulator.
There was a tapped ground screw on one side.
I copied that idea and added 2 more,
so the housing could be held in place by 3 set screws.

That was the easy part.
Now to figure out how to join the wires.
I liked the phenolic look of the ignition housing,
and it would add to the whole symmetry thing.
A little tab was tacked on and trimmed to fit the insulator plate.
hidden regulator

I found the correct plug on ebay for $6 shipped,
cheaper than the $13 they wanted at the car parts store.
I'm gonna have to look at the junkyards for this kinda stuff next time.

This is the completed unit.
It's really basic.
Hopefully the set screws create any grounding that is needed,
and the middle screw can then be used to really ground it,
although the housing itself I'm hoping will suffice.
stash box

There it is in all it's prepainted glory.
Now people will wonder why there's 2 regulators!
40 ford 302 fake out

Funny how when you look at the two engine shots,
the alternator isn't even visible.



  1. a place to hide yer dope!.... one of my all time favorite songs too!

  2. yer damn right - on both accounts!