25 February 2013


I may have hinted that the neighbors cats around here are basically useless.
There's one scroungy orange cat that's a good mouser,
but the fat house cats are protective of there squatter domains.
dead mouse

Over the past month we've had signs of a(?) mouse inside the house.
The first time in almost 5 years.
I thought it was a night lurker,
but one day while I was writing one of these posts,
I could have sworn a little mouse ran in the mini hallway.
A bit later I could have sworn it ran the other way,
probably munching on the kids hidden candy wrappers.

What is this #14 for oldies month?
James & Bobby Purify - I'm your puppet

At night we'd wake up to one of them gnawing on something in the wall.
That grating noise makes you feel kinda dirty.
tuned mouse trap

The mouse was so little the traditional traps weren't working.
I even tuned the end of the trap wire to be more sensitive.
last resort = d-con poison

Finally I had to resort to the poison.
Not sure what is more humane,
getting snapped in half,
or dying a slow death by dehydration from the brodifacoum poison.
Whatever it is,
it's better than finding a live mouse on a glue trap.
dead mouse re-enactment

Or is it?
Now we've got to watch our feet for dead mice.
I thought they were supposed to go back to there dens to die.
Somehow this one found its way to the kitchen,
and the wife found it after 10 am!
Guess it's better than a foul smell coming from inside the wall!


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