27 February 2013

KIDS - 1 CANS - 0

I'll tell ya what,
you don't want to be an aluminum can in our backyard.
zombie can target

I'm trying to imagine how many shots its taken to do this!
jakob perich - sharpshooter

Jakob's got the sharpshooting bug.
He'll plow through his homework and go pluck away.
holey chit

Shortly after this shot...
decapitated can target

Jakob - 1 , Can - 0
jakob perich

Way to go Jake!

#19 for oldies month...
Marty Robbins - El Paso - 1964
funny how the hosts are wearing the cowboy getups,
but not the band.
Cool aussie TV version.
It's better to have some cans hanging up around the yard.
Much safer for the birds and cats.

We scrounged around for some new targets,
and realized we had a serious lack of aluminum cans.
Gotta start drinking more corn syrup or beer!


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