04 February 2013

bike time vii revisited - America's Most Beautiful Stingray

This post has been a long time coming,
and before I get caught in a pulp fiction like timeline,
I've got to get it on here.
Jaxon has been patiently waiting his turn on the PB&S queue.
hot dog schwinn stingray - ketchup & mustard - 2013

Here it is in all it's cellphone glory.
Almost 2 years ago this was the subject of bike time 7...
perich brothers (and sister): bike time vii - beater schwinn stingray
Back then this was a survivor stingray.
While it lacked in beauty,
this was one solid machine.
hot dog schwinn stingray - ketchup & mustard - 2011

Yep that is the same bike.
Come with me and see what's been going on in Jaxon Land.

Our 4th song for Oldies Month -
The Floaters - Float On - 1977
This has got to be the baddest song on the planet.
We're all hooked on it as a repeater,
it's one of those mellow soul tunes that has the power to calm a house with 3 kids.

The Floaters - Float On (Extended Version) 1977 - YouTube

If you really want to kick it down a notch,
the 12 minute extended version is it.
So smooth.
Okay where to begin.
Last April Jaxon had the wild hair to clean up the old Hot Dog.
He carefully stripped it down and tediously razor-bladed all the old rust.
As a bonus for his good grades,
my Dad had the paint done at El Dorado Sandblasting.

Many months went by,
with the shop move we didn't get much done.
This was a good time to gather some good parts.
kitchen work bench

After summer everything was ready to go.
Talk about patience!
Actually this was late october.
Jaxon Perich - project stingray

During this time something happened and Jaxon grew a foot taller.
No more little poopee pants!
Jaxon and his stingray

He really took to the assembly well.
It was tough for me to hold back,
I just gave him some pointers and it was his time to learn.
candy apple red powder coat

The frame was powder coated a super bitchin candy apple red.
Together with the yellow forks and chainguard,
it's an updated version of the original color scheme.
That red is truly amazing and has given me evil thoughts for future projects.
badge stash

This build deserved a good badge.
Even though this isn't the correct color or year,
it was the best one and fit the custom resto-look.
Shiny Schwinn Stingray

I'm glad we have the before and after pictures.
Beater Schwinn Stingray

Hard to believe it's the same bike,
with almost all the same parts.
Many hours cleaning and scraping to make them shine.
almost done

We tried to find some decals (pronounced dickles)
and they seemed way overpriced.
I had some repops stashed away from ages ago,
and we found the sticker lady at the swap meet could
copy them in any color.
They came out great and were a way better deal,
$8 for 2 sets (different reds just in case)
versus the $24 the ebay guy wanted!

All that time building those models definitely paid off.
As you can see it somehow became a house bike!
jaxon and his decals

The stickers really finished the bike off.
We still need to place the NOS down-tube water transfer decal,
but without a clear coat it will just flake off.
Jaxon's Stingray 

Here's a good shot to see how much this thing had changed.
This was all back in November.
old hot dog stingray

Since then,
the front rim was replaced with the original S-7,
and some repop ape hangers were swapped out.
ketchup & mustard schwinn stingray

Now that the bike is so nice,
the trap has been set.
It's not as fun to thrash around!
They have gone on some good couple mile rides,
but it's not the leave it outside beater of old.
Ultimate kids room decoration

We found the perfect spot in the house,
hanging at the end of his bed from the ceiling.
Now he can drift off to sleep with his bike in view.




  1. Hey Jeff,
    there's a little backstory to the dickles.
    Jaxon had been on the computer searching for junk,
    and he kept talking about these dickles for his bike.
    This was one of those "too busy dad" days.
    That night he showed us the DECALS,
    and from then on it's been our running joke!