08 February 2013

stray dog

Last evening my ADD kicked in,
and I decided to finish up all the sheetmetal welding on the rusty 40.
If you remember I had about 30+ feet at one time,
and now it's down to the last 7 or 8.
Now that the big TIG is here,
I feel more comfortable to get it done right.
tres huevos -  1940 ford coupe

Since it's been outside there's some flash rust on the seams,
and the whole body has a good crust layer.
I brought out the wirewheel grinder and then the DA sander.
Big mistake.
There was a stiff breeze,
the wind blowing everything conveniently away.
The best time to sand.
rough sanded

It is very hypnotic doing that sanding,
and all of a sudden I had gone way overboard,
sanding stuff that I shouldn't have.
What also happened was I subconsciously came up with a plan,
the old heap creeping it's way back in the mix,
like one of those dirty stray dogs that just wants to be petted.
1940 coupe chopped and channeled

So today I was all ready to get some seams burned,
and of course it was way too windy.
I'm OK with the (light) rain,
but wind is too hard to fight with a welder.
I had the great idea to take the door off,
and do it inside the garage.
workbench clutter

But dang it there's just too much clutter.
Now of all things I'm cleaning the workbench.

Okay #7 for Oldies Month
Ray Charles - Rainy Night in Georgia
Good tune from one of the best.


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  1. oldies month suggestion....
    aaron neville
    "tell it like it is"