09 February 2013

plastic fantastic

Whenever I think it's a good idea to clear the clutter,
essentially trading parts that won't be needed for the next 5 projects,
for the things that are needed to finish the dual 40's,
a good deal is salted by the packing and shipping.
running board packaging

After a couple learning experiences,
I've basically broken even on the handling costs.
There are a couple things I have learned,
and one is to trust in plastic.
saran wrap transmission crate

These crates are much easier to build now.
One thing I rely on instead of metal strapping,
is saran wrap, or plastic wrap.
If there are enough passes,
the plastic becomes a solid sheet,
like a gigantic zip tie.
Now that I remember it,
that show Dexter uses this same technique.
shipping a transmission

Another simple but effective tool is packing tape.
After a few wraps this stuff is really strong.
I'll use it to soften the edges as well as a secondary to the screws.
$5 packing tape deal

We found the best deals at the swap meet.
A thick roll is $2 versus $4+ anywhere else,
and multiple rolls are an even better score.
It's not the best stuff but since it is basically going to be trash,
a cheap deal makes it easier to overdo.
The USPS sells a mini roll for almost $4,
and while it's alot thicker it hurts to use.
One thing I need to get is a tape gun or handle rig,
it may make it much easier to find that invisible end.

Getting off track on Oldies Month this post,
but this song fits too well and most likely will be the only time to ever fit it in.
Flight of the Conchords - Sello Tape
trash cycle

The last trick I learned from someone elses packing.
The guy had stuffed some old water bottles in the box.
At first I was thinking WTF,
then realized that it was a good idea.
I don't really buy alot of water,
but for some reason these bottles show up around the house.
Instead of recycling them I've got a "just in case" stash,
really it's another form of recycling.
Also good are egg crates,
as long as the kids or wife don't leave the shells in them.
Basically any household trash, junk mail etc is good,
especially if you've priced bubblewrap.

See ya next time...


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