11 February 2013

treasure hunt sunday

The kids have gotten addicted to the sunday swap meet treasure hunt.
This time the wife hinted at finding her a token.
black ceramic panther light

We found it in the first row.
The perfect pre-valentine gift,
a black ceramic panther or jaguar.
The shiny black augmented with a gold collar and claws.
black ceramic jaguar light

To top it off,
this actually serves as a back light.
How dramatic.

I was all ready to pull out my $10 dollar bill,
and the seller mentioned $50.
Dang it!
The kids and I thanked her and did an about face...
Now what!?

Oldies Month #7
Percy Sledge - When a Man Loves a Woman
What better song for this post.
Great live version too!

holey cat

Across the way something caught our eye.
A metal holey cat.
Cool but boring compared to that slinky panther.
chrome pig

here's something in our price range.
A chrome pig clock.
Or is it a radio?
Now if it was an ipod player maybe...
wood pig

Now that our focus had spread to pigs,
this fancy wooden pig needed at least one picture.
I'm continually amazed at what people will make in their spare time.
ceramic cow

Grasping for straws now,
this ceramic cow thing was a definite no.
Our collective focus faded as the rows passed by.
leg-o-matic chairs

These old leg-o-matic chairs had really cool striped upholstery,
and could have been a great addition to our collection.
Something about $50 didn't make them as fun as the $4 deals though.
AMT/ERTL 1936 ford coupe/roadster models

Next thing you know we are into our normal comfort zone.
How could we say no to another 1936 ford coupe model!?
delta 31-050 belt sander

Things took another turn for the worst,
when I picked up this neat little belt sander.
It seemed like a deal,
but the belts are old and the glues all dried up.
No problem it works,
and will help out alot in the cramped garage.
Yeah that's it!
99 cent peppers

Totally defeated in the perfect gift,
we finally found a 99 cent bag of peppers.


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