28 October 2012

Like A Boss

A raging bonfire is our new traditional birthday party for the kids.
Jakob's 11th birthday was yesterday,
so we prepared for the big burn.
van load

Last bonfire for Jaxon was a little out of hand for the area.

perich brothers (and sister): tweener (v.3)

Cop-Mike said there was a 3 foot maximum on the flame,
so in addition to having more really little kids/babies this time,
it was on the mellow side this time.
Still the biggest fire on the beach though!
Jakob's birthday october - 2012

Was the perfect evening.
Clear and warm.
Enough friends and family members for some good memories.
like a boss

Jake had the best birthday present,
sand in the pants.
Jaxon's birthday may - 2012

A little comparison from last time.
Jakob Perich

Happy Birthday Jakob!

your P's...

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