15 October 2012

Macey's Weekend

Hi this is Macey James my Dad writes on this computer.
me Macey James Perich

All summer I wanted to go on a boat ride or go to the beach.
My dad said we would after he moved the shop with my brothers.
But we never did.

Me on my scooter

Than he said we would go on a boat ride or to the beach
after he finished putting the motor in the green car.
He's always working on the hot rods,
but that's okay cause I want one when I can drive.
me driving

I always pretend to drive,
but my dad gets mad when I play with the switches
so I don't anymore.
dad said to smile

I really really really wanted to go for a bike ride,
but my Dad said he was too busy,
so I wrote him a note.
my note to dad

Then I wrote Jakob a note too.
my note to jake

My Daddy surprised me and we went for a bike ride!
I love riding on the trailer we got that he takes me to school on sometimes.
perich brothers and sister - me!

We were faster then Jakob and Jaxon and guess what.
We went to the beach!
I didn't bring my bathing suit but it was still fun.
me and my brothers at the beach

This was the bestest weekend ever!
I sure do hope we go to the beach next week!



  1. Model T, you are so damn lucky to have such a beautiful family. Oh my gosh, Macey is adorable. I am glad that nobody is around to see me teary-eyed and choked-up after reading this post.

  2. Hey DG thanks for checking in on us,
    and didn't mean to crack your sentimental side!

    One of the reasons for this blog,
    is to make sure I/we remember the good times.

    Hey how did Macey figure out how to type this?