01 October 2012

loud pipes save lives

With either the rainy season or armageddon 2012 coming up in December,
the rusty 40 finally got some much needed attention.
tres huevos 1940 ford coupe

The exhaust headers have been off and on countless times,
and they had been stashed underneath the RPU for way too long.
A light surface rust had attacked the shiny metal,
so I spent a night massaging them with diesel and wet-sandpaper.
cadillac flathead headers

After wirewheeling the tougher spots,
they were ready to get some protection.
strung up

The plan for some shiny chrome was traded for a coat of white.
Too expensive and the last thing I want to do is chase chrome rust.

I've had good luck with this Rustoleum BBQ paint on headers.
The ivory white sealed the deal,
way better than the typical stark white.
rustoleum bbq paint

Two cans later the pipes were thoroughly coated.
Since this engine's not running yet,
the paint will last a long time.
After that I'll need to have a spare can for the inevitable burn-thru.
stool time

I missed seeing them on the old heap.
cadillac flathead

Now all I need is a dual carb intake...
tres huevos - 1940 ford coupe

While I was on a roll,
a  quick template was cut up.

I've realized there are 2 kinds of guys -
- those that tuck there shirts in and those that don't...
-those that pee in the sink and those that don't...
-those that can cut up perfectly good sheetmetal and those that don't...
lucky donor

The time was right to cut this hood up.

It looked cherry from the outside huh!?
1940 ford coupe - chopped, channeled & sectioned

This hood needs so much work to fit right,
these first cuts will seem easy when I look back.
After a light pie cut or double pie cut,
and a better exhaust cut out surround anyway!


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