10 October 2012

grease monkey time

Over the weekend I had to step back and think of the timeline for the 40 project june bug.
All I wanted to do was torch a big ole hole in the floor,
slap together the leaky engine and tranny,
and get it all mounted up.

Of course that would have meant either leaving a trail of oily smoke and stains,
even when sitting in the garage,
or pull out the running gear later on,
most likely when it starts raining after day light savings time in the dark.
glass work station

The day before I tried to clean up that corner of the garage that was jam packed.
This glass display case was stashed back there.
Why I don't know,
it was almost empty even.

During the past couple days,
I've realized everyone needs a glass work bench.
Especially for heavy metal pieces.
head gasket 5.0 or 302 ford windsor

This 5.0/302 engine ran great in the Lincoln.
the big problem was the leaky rear main seal.
An easy fix.
I couldn't resist popping the heads off to really investigate.
No real reason other than peace of mind.
It had been a long time since doing something mechanical like this.
pushrods and rockers

It is so much easier to cut and weld and grind.
No need to be clean or organized or particular.
My main mantra was...
What would DynoDanny do.
How in the heck am I supposed to know what Dyno Danny do!?
He's the one that likes to do this stuff and he does it in his own garage,
all secretive like cause he doesn't like to get his phone/camera greasy.
DynoDanny's Garage
Okay - channel my man Danny...
Clean, organize, clean...organized
No problem.
I can do this.
lights are for sissies

The first side ran into the early evening but I got it wrapped up in time for dinner.
The second side took it's course over 2 late evenings,
as usual finishing each night under a single 34 watt light bulb.
That's typical when working with me.
At least its not in the dark with just a flashlight taped to my hat!

I was lucky this engine's a sweetheart.
No scores, barely a ridge, no oil in water.
Now all I have to worry about is if I can put it together correctly.

Of course working into the nights with shorts and flip flops I get some head cold.
Fuggin A.
A swig of rum and hot tea cures all.
Must finish...
Jakob lovin it

The kids have their own projects,
so we all hang out in the garage.
Some people like stoops,
we like garages.
snap-on TQ-150 torqometer

One of the best lines though from Jaxon when seeing all the parts scattered around...
"Have you done this before Dad?"
"Uh, yeah but it's been a while"
"Oh...did it work?"

Who said this? WC Fields?
"go away kid, you bother me..."

good times...



  1. I really like the WWDDD, Thanks for the KUDOS. I'ts coming right along. Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. Yeah My Dani said we need to have WWDDD shirts made up!