24 October 2012

faster, dad, faster!

Finally broke Chief out from its incarceration!
Macey & Chief - 1929 ford roadster pickup with hallock windshield

Surprised Macey and picked her up from school in the old heap.
She loves driving in it even though she can barely see over the dash.
Faster Dad!
1929 ford roadster pickup

The first mile or so was a little rough.
After that the engine really smoothed out,
and all of a sudden we were home.
floor space

Funny thing is it probably took 45 minutes to clean up the garage,
and I don't even know what all that clutter was!



  1. Fantastic way to make special memories! You even make sure she wears hearing protection... you are one smart pop.

  2. Yeah the pickup is a little loud!
    Last thing I want her to have is memories of why she has constant ringing in her ears!