26 October 2012


I'm an AAA club member,
and it has really shielded me from the need to go to a real DMV office.
Even if there is a wait,
it's not too bad,
since they have all the travel books and at least the SD Reader.

This time I had to get my drivers license renewed,
which meant a trip to the actual DMV.
Last time I went to the Clairemont office,
probably on a friday.
The line went out the door.
Craziness as this was before internet cell phones.

Up in Ventura,
I remembered there was a website that gave the wait time in real time.
DMV Field Offices
That was out in hick town,
so the San Diego version had to be right,
Normal Street DMV hours

Since it was friday with no appointment,
figured I'd better check to see which DMV office to go to.
I was surprised to see the wait at the usually busy Normal St office was 3 minutes,
that was with no appointment!
no time for breakfast,
let's get this over with!
normal st DMV

Holey Chit.
Tons of people.
This doesn't look like a 3 minute wait without an appointment.
What gives!
Even the red letter board above the desk proclaims 1 minute wait!.
Holey Chit.
My droid battery is almost dead.
Didn't even bring a book.
Wife wasn't even playing wordfeud with me anyway.
Holey Chit.
20 minutes pass by.
The dude next to me is playing "word with friends".
He must be trapped at this office because of that shysty website they have.
Ok my number is almost up.
Only 4 more til G049.
45 minutes pass by.
If you're in to people watching,
then the Normal St office is a great place to go.
Much more diverse than other offices.
All walks of life.
I'm sitting next to a very muscular transvestyte.
Okay the next number is mine.
Why do all the other letter combinations seem to go faster?
65 minutes.
Oh mercy finally my number is picked!
Like winning the lottery!

8 minutes and $31 later it is over.
What the heck just happened?
At least I can drive the hot rod legally now!


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