23 October 2012

how to install a seat post clamp

This isn't really exciting,
but it is a really cool trick we just figured out.
seat post clamp

These seat post clamps are always tricky to install.
We had already chipped the paint when using a dual screwdriver and a bolt trick.
After a couple minutes,
the classic light bulb thought bubble shined bright.
how to install a seat post clamp

So simple.
A long socket and some channel locks.
Yeah we should have taped the clamp and pliers.
No marks were made at least.
red beauty

Within seconds the seat post slid on no problem.
Too bad we didn't figure this out before.
I did a quick google search and found nothing similar to help out this situation,
so hopefully this will help someone to not chip their paint!
Way better then the hammer and wood.
Jaxon's bad-a$$ schwinn stingray project

Jaxon's taking his time putting his Stingray together,
so here's a sneak peak.
The photo definitely doesn't do the candy apple red paint justice.
Not too much longer.


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