25 October 2012

ford in a ford

Somehow I wrote all this up last week and didn't post it!
Here goes.


First off slapped the engine and transmission together.
No big surprises other than a missing nut.
One of the benefits of using a donor car rather then a mishmash of parts.
ford 302/5.0 & AOD transmission

Jaxon and I proceeded to muscle it in to the slot.
Jaxon -  Mr Muscles

Did I show you the hole yet?
unmolested 40 ford floor

The original floor obviously needed some cutting.
template is your friend

A cardboard template of the AOD helped make a vague outline.

The original template wasn't as precise,
and it looked like there was a possibility of cutting into the x-member.
After a couple "oh shit's",
I made a better template,
and it looked like the transmission would clear the verticals.

holey chit!

After some smokey torchwork and a little grinding,
a good size hole was made.
I'm still reeling from the burning smoke oil.
Not much clearance for a grinder,
and was trying to be quiet for the neighbors.
The crossmember section is a  catch-all for grease and oil debris,
and let's just say it was crazy.
perfect fit

The transmission fit perfectly.
Glad I made the better template!
Big effin transmission thats for sure.
It was still high in the tailshaft though,
so the stock rubber mount was removed,
and a bit of the crossmember was notched out.
aod tranny mount

A simple crossmember mount was cut out of flat plate.
rear AOD tranny mount

Everything was stick-welded up.
Way easier with the long skinny welding rods,
as the minimal clearance wasn't as much of an issue.
rear AOD mount

With only 1/4" of rubber cushion,
there was the perfect amount of clearance.
Later on I'll probably beef it up to 3/4" depending on the angle.
AOD in 1940 ford

Now the transmission was nice and snug,
and it didn't look like the driveshaft would hit the floor.
AOD in 1940 ford

Having the engine and transmission actually mounted was a huge step.
Not only could I move on with the project,
the garage floor was not nearly as cluttered!
Macey and the 40

Now it was time to clear the garage walls,
so some other goodies were mocked up.
What a difference some finned valve covers make.
Thanks Mario!
hot rod 302 ford in a 1940 ford

A 2-barrel intake was cleaned up.
Thanks Mike!
Will need to rebuild the carb though.
The stock Lincoln headers fit on the passenger side no problem.
They are ugly,
but I kinda like the log manifold styling.
ford 302/5.0

There's a ton more work.
At least it's starting to look like a hot rod.