01 October 2012

future project #797

This old canoe has been following us around for years.
penn yan canoe

It's an old cedar strip canoe made by Penn Yan Boats.
Penn Yan Boats NY

Let's see here's a better picture of the cool label.
Penn Yan Boats Incorporated

Funny thing is it's basically worthless as a boat,
the canvas covering is long gone.
In a way that's okay,
cause it shows off the fine woodwork that went into the construction.
The steamed bows and the intricate cedar stripping are too cool to cover up.
cedar strip canoe

The plan is to hot rod it out a little.
Instead of using the traditional canvas & paint waterproofing,
I'll do an epoxy + fiberglass coating.
I redid an Old Town canoe using 4 oz. cloth and west system epoxy,
and it turned out really sweet.
Instead of hiding the outer cedar strip patchwork,
the clear coat brightens it up like varnish and makes it very durable.
When the owner picked it up I was on the hunt for a replacement.
A friend spied this at a garage sale only a couple blocks away and I rushed over.
This was back in the Ventura days,
so it's been tossed around for almost 10 years now!
Penn Yan cedar strip Canoe

It is on my STD (shit to do) list,
just not very high,
which means it will probably be tackled more sooner than later.
The fiberglassing part isn't the issue,
it's the missing wood.
Definitely need a focused mindset to do it right.
dirty storage

You may have seen it in the background of some old shop pics,
tucked up in the rafters.
1940 ford coupe + vintage canoe

Continuing with this theme it looks like it's found a new home.
Hopefully temporary.
old chit

If any google searchers have any information on this old canoe,
please contact me through the comments or email.
The # stamped in is CL 797.
CL 797 - Penn Yan Canoe



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