26 March 2012


Many of you may know the name ZIBO.
Few know who or what it means.

american bulldog

This was ZIBO,
the last of a long line of dog's in my life.
My wife (to be) and I got him after another dog, SIRKI (great dane) had died.

Zibo was a true shop dog.
Didn't stray too far,
guarded his family and territory,
loved lying in the dirtiest asphalt.

He had some great tricks.
One was sitting on a barstool for hours,
long enough to actually fall asleep.

Early on I had taught him to not cross the street,
as another dog of mine, ZUKE (rhodesian ridgeback)
had collided with a car many years before.

Since we lived across the street from the shop,
this was really important.
Many times I would get caught up with the kids (2 at that time),
and he would be sitting there hours later waiting for me to come back.
Ventura was a small enough town,
and people would go buy the shop just to see him.

zibo at paso robles 2001 or so

ZIBO had a sad ending with us after 5 years or so.
One evening he was just missing.
As stated earlier he wasn't a wanderer,
and I knew someone had taken him.
The police don't treat missing dogs as stolen property,
and the animal shelters never recovered his license.

After a half-assed flier/reward attempt at finding him,
with the help of many friends,
I had to admit that he was just gone.
Having 2 baby kids at the time,
it actually helped me to focus on our family.


grateful dead - wharf rat - february 18, 1971
The first and probably best live version of this tune.
Even better when heard in the dark - rat - star sandwich it was played in.

Grateful Dead Live at Capitol Theater on 1971-02-18 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Click the above link,
and play the next 20 minutes starting with number 9.
Three listens and I will guarantee you will be a deadhead.
Bad ass jam right there...


A couple years later a neighbor came over really distraught,
saying she had known all along that the daughter of the shop owner next door had taken him.
Now that her (ex)girlfriend had found out about their long-term affair,
it was okay for me to know what happened to our dog she pretended to help look for.
Some friends and I tried to rattle more current information from the Mom and her cronies,
but the mixture of stripper, tweaker and dog thief was too hard to crack.
I would have rather never found out!

ZIBO's birthday is somewhere around this time.
Now he would be 14 or 15 years old,
so hopefully he's dead,
and had lived a better life than we could have given him.

Names withheld to protect the guilty!



  1. fuck that sux hard....i had a similar story but better ending... when i was a little kid my dad and mum bred english bull terriers....we had this perfect bitch that would throw champions...anyway, one night shes gone...we can see a piece of meat in the yard and her hair on the fence.....next day a little cute dog turns up in our yard....9 months later.....our bully is waiting at the back door in the morning and the other dog is gone.... they must have tried to breed from her and when she didnt take they returned her....mush better story than yours....i hate that shit.

  2. mush better????.......he was a great looking dog by the way

  3. I would have rather had him studded out,
    than what ended up happening!