22 March 2012

show & tell

So you know that old saying,
"good things come to those who wait" ?
vintage AC tachometer

Well it's taken almost 6 years to get this tachometer from my old friend Matt.
We had made a deal over some drinks,
and the details grew kinda fuzzier over time.

AC mechanical tachometer
7229036 K53

Both of us/families moved to SD at different times,
and things have a way of disappearing.
A couple weeks ago I jokingly asked him how my tach was,
and he said he had actually dug it out.

AC tachometer

The deal was probably better for me than for him.
One night he tried talking me in to driving Chief (the roadster pickup)
down to LA for a photo-shoot thing he used to do.
We used to play alot of poker back then,
so I upped the bet.

He had been raving about this old tach for a while,
and I really didn't think he'd give it up.
While working in a Porsche restoration shop,
he had coated the housing with this black Glasurit paint,
and had the casing galvanized or something similar.

AC mechanical tachometer
7229036 K53

Well when he dropped it off last week,
he still had a good memory of driving the old pickup 200 miles down the 101/1 freeways.
I guess he did get a good deal!
Not much beats a night time ride with open headers in a roadster thats for sure.

AC dash mounted tachometer

I've got the perfect home for this old thing.
There's this neat little bracket that let's it hang on the dash bottom.
I'm hoping it will work off the tach drive on an old Mallory distributor.
The dizzy method seemed more common than crank drives or generator drives.

whopping 6000 rpm tachometer

Thanks Matt!


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