05 March 2012


A couple weeks ago
I showed off how our daughter Macey has started to read.
macey's first loose tooth

 Over the weekend she lost her first tooth.
What the heck?
She's only 5 years and 3 months!
They say that kids have accelerated growth
cause of all the hormones in the foods we eat.
I'm beginning to believe it!


She was very brave for this ordeal.
The tooth was loose around lunchtime when eating an apple.
By dinner the tooth was loose enough that it was uncomfortable to eat,
so she had my wife yank it out.

One tough cookie!



  1. What cute cheeks Macey has! Her smile's so adorable. Good thing she eats apples - that would help remove food residue and plaque on her teeth. Most people don't realize that an apple a day also keeps the dentist away.

    Bianca Jackson

  2. I remember the time when my eldest lost her first tooth. She cried really hard, not because it hurts, but I think she just felt sad at that moment. I don’t know, but she’s very sentimental about it. Hehe! Well, kids. As parents, we should just try to understand what they feel. ;)

    Landon Heath

    1. "As parents, we should just try to understand what they feel. ;)"
      That is the rule I kinda live by as a parent.
      It is tough when my patience wears thin,
      but that's usually the most important time.
      Thanks for the comment!