11 March 2012

the gravity of unobtanium

Last weekend I decided it was time to clean up the garage.
It was getting bad enough that boxes and junk were underneath the cars.
Fortunately our cars are high enough that it's been possible to drive over them.

garage clutter

These shots are actually after a little organization.

more garage clutter

While much of it is true junk,
there were some treasures hidden in the mess.
With our mighty friend Craigslist,
it is possible to find the perfect new owners for some of this unobtanium.

Ludwig 24" bass drum
Evan's Hydraulic oil-filled head

This old drum has been knocked around for way too long.
A Ventura friend Conrad said it was a good start to a kit.
Another friend Ritchie used it for a while and verified it.
I'm no drummer and the kids weren't too interested,
so off it went to a bike riding punk rocker, JV.
Strangely it's going to the perfect home.

realistic TM-1001 tuner
SA-2001  integrated amp
kenwood km-105 amp

This old sound system found a new owner,
who sounded like way more of a hoarder than me.

precision tube tester series 912

Another treasure was this old vacuum tube tester.
Hopefully I don't delve into tube equipment in the future,
as this was a really cool working piece.
The guy that got this makes tube guitar amps.
Another perfect home.

precision tube tester box

The one thing I'm surprised I unloaded was this really cool
1970's lab scope.

kenwood KC-6060A audio lab-scope

Somehow I've carried this around since about 1994,
and it still works.

kenwood kc-6060a lab scope

One of the reasons it was a good idea to find another caretaker.
Another good reason was I found this ebay ad while trying to figure a price.


kenwood kc-6060 audio lab scope
ebay ad-holey chit!!


Mine had no cover or the original box like this one,
but it worked and that was good enough.
The new owner Marcus is an electrical engineer,
with a good addiction to old tuners and audiophile equipment.
Another lucky coincidence.

garaged 1940 ford coupe and chief

A couple boxes of donated goods pushed out,
and there were no seller's regrets with the less cluttered garage.
It's actually weird writing this cause each item triggered a little memory of the past.


grateful dead - st stephen - 05may1977 - new haven


There's obviously a bunch left to go through,
but it was a good start.
Hopefully nobody got this school flu bug that the kids gave me!


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