19 March 2012

more modelmania

Thanks to the rainy weather,
the kids have been cranking out the models.

perich brothers model car show 2012

It's been fun to watch them perfect there techniques.

Jaxon's 1949 mercury

They spend alot of time on the little details.
I was impressed with the engines in both there recent kits.

Jakob's 1951 chevrolet

They both took the spray painting duty head-on.
We'll go to the car parts store and they pick out the colors.

Jaxon rattle canning

I really wanted to butt in,
but that doesn't really help them learn.

Jakob rattle canning

It's tough spraying those little bodies with a full size can.

Jaxon's 1957 chevy gasser

So I helped Jaxon cut the hole in the hood on his '57,
using the little drill press and a file.

Jaxon's 57 chevy gasser

There's a little scoop but it wasn't painted yet.

jaxon's 1965 el camino

He liked the technique so much he tried it on the el camino!
That's what customizing is all about.
Maybe a soda can hood scoop is in order.

Jaxon's 1949 mercury

This is Jaxon's most recently finished kit.
He had a 30 minute window to paint it outside between the rains.
The hardest part is waiting for it to dry before touching it,
fortunately there's always dishes to be washed.

Jakob's 1938 chevy

The '38 was Jake's 2nd model kit.
It was a tough one,
a ton of little pieces.

Jakob's 1951 chevy convertible

The convertible was Jakes project over the weekend.
It blows me away they have the focus to actually finish these.
all the pieces start either white or chrome,
and each piece is painted with a little brush,
other than the bodies.

(The little VW bug is almost done)


Grateful Dead - Cold Rain & Snow - 29 April 1971

-probably the best version of this song out there.
possibly because it wrapped up this epic Jam...
Grateful Dead - Lightning Jam - 4/29/71 - YouTube
If you've got 16 minutes give these two some ear time!


I started a model with them,
a 40 ford truck,
and was barely able to get the engine finished and frame painted!

Way to go guys!


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