29 March 2012

round two - TJ root canal

We've been going back to our TJ dentista again.
I'm a chicken about being stuck down there in the dark,
so we've waited til the safety of the daylight savings time change.

It's one thing going out drinking on the main drag,
but we're in a little colonia called Gato Bronco (wild cat),
flagging down Taxi's at the nearest pharmacy,
cause it has the brightest lights.

tj root canal

I've recently found out that there is a high tech root canal,
one that uses a mechanized drill or scrubber instead of the old school tooth files.
Where's the fun in that!

I'm a difficult patient in the beginning,
and I ask him for the whole shot of anesthesia,
otherwise I'm all clenched up.
When the numbness kicks in not much matters.
"Tino" even rocked out to a metallica song while scrubbing the inside of my tooth.

la linea
otay border

Last year when we started,
the line was maybe 10 or 20 people long,
a couple minutes.
This year something changed.
The line extends out of the border gate,
to the taxi drop off area.
A good 100 yards.
That's about 45 minutes to an hour wait.

almost there

I went alone this time,
and I should have brought a book.
Instead I tried to analyze the different lines the border has set up.
There's a "sentri"line, the "ready lane", and the normal "peon/whti" line.
Some guys wait in the long Peon line,
than get sent back to the shorter but slower moving Sentri line.
I think the "ready" lane uses a special card for daily commuters.
They bypass everyone and go straight to the front.

it was good to start up the process again.
I always wait too long to get my teeth fixed,
so it's nice knowing the bad one is getting solid again.
It'll be nice being able to chew on the right side of my mouth again!

If we weren't saving so much money,
maybe we'd use our US dental insurance.
My wife's planning on braces,
and there's a 5 picture pack of x-rays she needs - $50!
The kids went to an orthodontist,
and they want $190 for 2 pictures.
The braces are $350 in Mexico!

What better excuse to visit Tijuana!