23 March 2012

liar's club 2012

While digging through my parts stash,
I re-found this old thing.

a. prop shaft adapter for a boat
b. ford flathead timing adjuster plate
c. coaster for a hot mug

Somehow I've kept it together.
You know what it is?

I want to play a liar's club,
so if you think you know before you read this,
be the first to post up the correct answer.
The winner will receive a damn good prize!


Don't read this if you're playing the game!


machined pieces

So if any of you have an early flathead with the crab or diving bell distributor,
you'll know that the distributors are bench-timed on a machine.
The early crankshaft pulleys don't have any timing marks or timing pointers,
so a timing light is basically useless.

a. prop shaft adapter for a boat
b. ford flathead timing adjuster plate
c. coaster for a hot mug

If precise timing is important,
than the best way is to remove the cylinder head,
find the true TDC on the #1 piston,
and file a mark on the pulley, along with fabbing up a pointer.

mallory dual point distributor ford flathead

The newer aftermarket crab distributors have slots to adjust the timing.
So timing is adjusted by feel or by the custom mark/pointer.

timing mark

The early distributors had fixed holes.
This thing made timing easy by creating a slotted adjustment,
and then hoping the timing marks were true to the engine.

Pretty cool huh?
Of course I've never used it
 and adjust timing by performance or water temperature...

Let's see who wins!



  1. That is clearly an adjustable timing cover. I remember the last time I saw that peice and probably the last time you saw it two. around the red dot two time line.

  2. How cool is that.Do you would sell it?

  3. Looks like DynoDanny's got the big prize!
    I'll post about that later.

    I'm gonna try to copy it before I sell it.
    We've got some mills and lathes,
    and it's only 2 pieces of aluminum!
    I'll contact you if and when I do!

    Thanks for the comments...