05 March 2012

holey chit

I was doing a quick search lookin for a random photo,
when this blast from the recent past made me wonder
what the heck I was thinking
when I thought this was a doable project!

holey chit
1940 ford coupe
chopped up

Funny cause this was after an already huge amount of work.
I vaguely remember this part of the build!
Was I thinking it's almost done,
the hard part is over?

1940 ford coupe
chopped and channeled

Only makes me want to finish it even more!


REX - angel tune he hums (1995)

I was digging through my box of tapes,
and found this rare indy recording from an old friend Bill Zirbi.
You know when you hear something you haven't heard in a long time?

It's from an east coast band called REX,
and most likely you've never heard of them,
there's not much on youtube.
You've got to give it a couple listens to get it.
Crazy times back then...


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