13 March 2012

pyramid builders

One strut on this boat was out of alignment.
It was fun to watch their maintenance crew try to fix it.

first day
2 cuts
1 portapower

They borrowed a really cool expensive looking scope
to get the bearing tube in alignment.


This is the part that is amusing.
There are engineers, architects, designers, know-it-alls...
that can theoretically design the best possible plan.
and I went to school to try to be one of those guys!

second day
add flat bar

The problem is most of the work is not done or even overseen
by these theoretical builders.
Most of the work is done by workers whose ancestors built the pyramids,
using comparably crude and simple techniques.


the selecter - time hard


There is a magic with they way they work though,
and I have definitely embraced certain aspects in construction.
Sometimes out of ease and sometimes out of necessity.

these are the guys you want on your side when the going gets tough!

third day
when in doubt,
use a bigger pipe

By the fourth day the project was finally completed,
and it was half as bad the opposite way.

fourth day

There is a saying at this point in time.
"This isn't NASA-wey, we're not building space shuttles".

It only makes my job that much easier!


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