01 March 2012

shaving armpits

Today was the day to tackle a couple unfinished projects.


Since I had welded that rear grille insert panel from the inside,
it was impossible to grind the bottom side without removing the whole fender unit.
This was also the time to finish weld all the inner panels,
and prep everything for a thick coat of primer.

I was expecting it to take a bit longer,
and I had a couple hours to prep another unfinished project for the primer.

custom dash

The dash on the old 40 was wirewheeled back down to bare metal,
and a bunch of the little hammer dents were flattened out.
Those holes on the outer sides needed to be filled.

waste not want not

Nothing ever goes to waste here.
To some this sheetmetal bondo mixing stick would have been trash.

metalfinished dash

After some trimming, hammering, welding and grinding,
all the corners and holes were filled with metal.
While welding the dash to windshield gap,
my mind wandered off to the title for this post.

Finishing these unfinished sections reminded me
of cleaning up the armpits of the car.
Fixing the worst areas like these to make them sano,
whether seen or unseen,
just like shaving an armpit.


Why I would think this I have no idea,
and why I would go and type all this out,
I'm blaming those epoxy fumes!

The bare steel had such a cool finish it was a shame to repaint it.
There is a plan...

messy friggin shop

There was enough primer to roll out 2 coats.

flower power

While the paint was kicking off,
I made some quick rubber squeak pads for the front frame mounts.
Did I ever show you guys the trick custom bumper brackets?

bumper brackets

Well there they are.
Half new and half original.

the hurtlocker truck
1955 chevrolet pickup

With a little time to spare,
I had to experiment with the stock corvette radiator box that Ken hated.

1985 corvette radiator box

A couple cuts...


And a quick test fit...

stool time

And it was time to go pick up the kids!

Until next time...


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