25 March 2012

chocolate & cheese shack

Now that the rains have stopped,
it seemed like the perfect time to find a cover for the C&C roadster.


After weedwacking the yard earlier in the week,
I found this chinese-made shade on craigslist.
The guy had a good racket going on.
Not only did he sell these,
he also had digital safes, tile cutters, bungie cords,
all kinds of junk.
child labor

As usual,
the kids got to work,
while I stood around taking pictures and yelling at them.


They really tackled the construction.
All that training with Lego's and Tinkertoys
finally paid off.


There was a similar canopy for sale at Harbor Freight,
but if you can believe this,
I've never actually bought anything there.
Only been in a HF store one time!
Yeah I've bought HF stuff used though,
their cheapy tubing bender, engine stands, engine hoist...


before you start thinking this is an anti-HF rant...

The HF canopy has a form fitted cover,
with a replacement cost of $90.
This one is cheaper,
has more pipes,
and uses a simple 12x20 tarp,
and the guy sells the replacements for $30.
You do the math!

tired kids

It seemed like it took longer to push the old roadster around
than it did to build the shack.

chocolate & cheese home

Now it looks like we have our own little swap meet stall in our backyard.
At least the tarps not blue!


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